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Technology to improve your shooting

The philosophy of Nightforce is highly specialized and focused on building the ultimate instrument for the application. Our research and testing has developed new standards in manufacturing and quality control. Our commitment to ultimate riflescope performance by using cutting edge technology and advanced mechanical designs is unparalleled in the industry.

Nightforce NXS: the original bulletproof riflescopes, created to perform (and survive) in service with special operations, tactical and sniper units. There are no more rugged, repeatable and dependable riflescopes on earth.

Nightforce ATACR
: The ultimate long range riflescopes, evolved from the legendary NXS series. The finest ED glass, remarkable clarity and resolution, and every feature the serious shooter could ever desire.

Nightforce S.H.V:
Nightforce quality at a reasonable cost. Simple, functional, yet highly precise and durable. The only compromise we made is in the price.

Nightforce Competition Benchrest:
Purpose built for the serious competition and long-range shooter. They are why more long-range records have been set with Nightforce than any other rifle scope.

Nightforce B.E.A.S.T:
The most technologically advanced extreme range tactical riflescope on the market. Not for everyone. But if you need one, you will know it.