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Swarovski Rifle Scopes balance technological innovations with a deep respect for the hunting tradition. Swarovski designs seek to address the practical challenges faced by hunters and shooters while adhering to the Swarovski philosophy of innovation, quality and aesthetics. Simply stated, Swarovski rifle scopes offer the widest array of zoom choices and the most options within the premium segment of elite hunting optics.

Swarovski Z3 Series - based on the time-tested AV line, the Z3 series offers a rugged, reliable, compact and slim design in a 1-inch tube, with a 3x zoom range.

Swarovski Z5 Series - the Z5 series puts the power of a 5x zoom into a slim and light weight 1-inch rifle scope, making them versatile and suitable for various types of hunting situations.

Swarovski Z6 and Z6i Series - the pinnacle of hunting rifle scope design, the Z6 series offers the wide range of a 6x zoom, high definition optics, with options for ballistic compensation, and illuminated reticles, in a 30mm tube. With models ranging from 1-6x all the way to a staggering 5-30x magnification, the Z6 line of rifle scopes stands apart from the competition.

Swarovski Z8 and Z8i Series - The Z8 marks a milestone by Swarovski Optik. This rifle scopes 8x zoom and outstanding optics ensure that you could not be better equipped for every type of hunting.

Swarovski X5 Series - The right estimate, a smart decision, and a clean shot. It does not matter whether you are shooting over long distances or honing your shooting skills, you always need to have the right equipment by your side. The X5 redefines accuracy.

Swarovski Ballistic Reticles - the Ballistic Reticles provide the shooter with the capability of maintaining sight of the target while making quick and accurate hold-over adjustments. Swarovski offers three ballistic reticles: the BRX, the BRH and the BRT.

Swarovski Ballistic Turret - firearms, munitions and optical instruments alike have all become far more accurate in recent years. The result is that long-range shots are technically possible. However the respect for nature requires that shots on long-range targets be made with the assurance of accuracy and repeatability. The Swarovski Ballistic Turret system ( BT) allows you to calculate and maintain a consistent point of impact at different distances, with any caliber, to deliver ethical shots on target.