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Every tactical shooter has unique needs from a scope. Whether you are looking for low-light optics, a reticle for extreme long distances, or complete reliability in extreme conditions.

As a hunter you know exactly what you need from a scope: a filled tag and the kind of dinner that does not taste store-bought. Whether its a reticle capable of long-range confidence, optic qualities that light the way in the darkest hour, or technologically intense reliability when the weathers coming in sideways, there is one name in optics hunters have trusted their success to for over 40 years and counting.

Either scenario, you can always count on Burris.

Eliminator 3 Laser Riflescopes: Eliminator III LaserScope 3-12x44 mm is one of the most advanced riflescopes on the planet. Its sleek, lightweight design is robust. And its ready for action, ranging and knocking down targets out to 1,200-plus yards.

XTR 2 Riflescopes: XTR II Riflescopes are serious, state-of-the-art technology for competitive shooters and tactical operators. The scopes feature a 5-times zoom system and 25% thicker tube construction than the original XTR Riflescope

MTAC Riflescopes: Wins in competitive shooting do not have to come with a fourfigure price tag when you outfit any competition gun with the MTAC. Tough, sleek, snag-free, and complete with the clarity of fogproof, glare-resistant glass, they are built for consistent, mid-distance, repeatable shooting with an unmatched level of features and comfort that add up to an extreme value in versatility

Fullfield Riflescopes: A scope company is always been judged by the strength of its workhorse. This is Burris' team of Clydesdales, borne of high-performance optical glass in a trusted, reliable, durable platform that puts clarity and peak contrast in any lighting condition above all

Veracity Riflescopes: The finest in premium, light-gathering scopes. This is time-proven Burris engineering that will not fail when its go-time, combined with state-of-the art refinements like 5x zoom and front focal plane reticles that deliver excellent target acquisition and a closer look at the big, bright picture.

Predator Quest Riflescopes: Burris designed this light-gathering scope that quickly compensates for wind and elevation, then eliminates glare and detection for the ultimate advantage.

Droptine Riflescopes: Step into legendary Burris performance with a scope that steps up your game and gives you the most for your dollar.