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A Rifle For Every Journey

The Kimber brand goes back to 1979, and its rifles have been favored by discriminating hunters and shooters ever since. Kimber offers a wide selection of classic sporting, hard-core hunting, unique varmint and no-compromise tactical rifles. Each is based on an action size designed with minimal dimensions for the cartridges family. Accuracy is the best measure of rifle quality, and reliability follows. Each rifle is guaranteed under the Kimber SUB MOA Accuracy Standard.

Mountain Rifles : A true mountain rifle must be light and accurate. Hardcore hunters understand. Montana, Adirondack and Mountain Ascent models are the lightest production big-game rifles ever offered, delivering legendary Kimber accuracy yet still weighing as little as 4 pounds, 13 ounces. Reinforced carbon fiber stocks add strength, and stainless steel shrugs the elements. All Kimber Mountain rifles offer a threaded barrel for optional use of muzzle brakes and suppressors.

Hunter Rifles : These Big game rifles offer an unequaled combination of features, elegance and performance. All actions have minimal dimensions for the cartridges they chamber, permitting a trim overall profile that reduces weight by as much as two pounds. The Kimber Hunter offers Kimbers legendary accuracy and performance paired with a new patent pending synthetic stock and removable box magazine.