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High quality workmanship and enduring value is the key to the 260 years of J.P. Sauer & Sohn. The clear commitment to mechanical precision, uncompromising quality and timeless design has long outlived all ephemeral fashions and trends. The latest evolution from Sauer has set a new benchmark for bolt-action rifles.

Classic 100 : Reliability, high quality and all the features of a modern hunting rifle. Everything fits here: performance, quality and price. The Sauer 100 raises the standard for entry-level rifles to a new level.

Sauer 100 Ceratech

Sauer 100 Ceratech : The ultimate affordable corrosion and abrasion resistant rifle for the hunter who fights all weather elements. The barrel and action are coated with CERAKOTE and are then oven baked.

Sauer 100 Atacama
Sauer 100 Atacama : At first look it might look like a special model for deserts and other dry environments but in reality it is the perfect camo pattern for mountain hunting and hunting in open areas.

Sauer 100 Cherokee
Sauer 100 Cherokee : The dream of owning a perfectly camouflaged hunting rifle, that can resist all weather conditions has become reality.

Sauer 100 FieldShoot : If you are looking for the perfect target, competition or varmint rifle, This is the perfect choice for maximum precision.

Sauer 100 Pantera
Sauer 100 Pantera : Redefining long range shooting by combining precision with a compact size. Sauer provides a highly efficient, yet elegant platform for long range shooting. A fluted and heavy barrel with a compact length offers multiple shot consistency.

Sauer 101 : The innovative features of the Sauer 101 have set the standard for standard-grade bolt action rifles. Simply perfect.