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The Worlds Most Prestigious Rifle

SAKOs reputation for manufacturing high-quality products is rooted in the unique skills of their employees: They take pride in what they make. SAKOs products are based on a culture deeply rooted in the unforgiving Nordic nature. Overcoming these harsh conditions has always demanded perfection in every detail. When you buy a SAKO, you are buying a high-quality rifle that has undergone thorough quality assessments that ensure its lasting value from father to son.

Sako 85: Sako 85 rifles are built with demanding design criteria, based on tradition and innovation, allowing you to choose between different models for the given hunting or training purpose. The Sako 85 series offers several stock styles and barrel options. These options, combined with a comprehensive caliber selection, will give you the ultimate bolt-action rifle.

Sako S20: The new Sako S20 is the first true hybrid rifle. One that both hunters and precision shooters can embrace. It is designed for active shooters who want to take and stay in control in every situation. The modular structure adapts to changing shooting styles, making S20 a truly future-proof bolt action rifle..

Sako TRG: an accuracy concept designed to accomplish a single-minded mission: to hit the target. Whatever it takes. this rifle is the result of Sakos innovation laboratories, giving you performance that surpasses the highest demands for accuracy, reliability and versatility.