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USED - HS Precision - HPL - 300 WSM - Kuiu Vias Camo
USED - HS Precision - HPL - 300 WSM - Kuiu Vias Camo
Our Price: $4,499.00
Sale Price: $3,599.00
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(USED) The ultimate in light weight hunting rifles from American firearms manufacturer HS Precision. Weighing in at less than 6 lbs, This is one of the lightests rifles they produce. Designed to be compact with a 22 inch fluted ultra light sporter barrel. This rifle is chambered in 300 winchester short mag (WSM) and has the Pro Series 2000 SA short action. Factory guaranteed for half inch MoA the Pro Series 2000SA was specifically designed for the hunter demanding an extremely light rifle that is easy to pack

The .300 WSM is adequate for hunting moose, black bear, brown bear, elk, mule deer, and white-tailed deer in forests and plains where long range, flat shots are necessary. The .300 WSM is also used in benchrest shooting. The advantage to this round is ballistics that are nearly identical to the .300 Winchester Magnum, but in a lighter rifle with a shorter action.

Tech Specs at a Glance:

Caliber: 300 WSM

Rate of Twist:

Stock: Fiberglass / Carbon Fiber

Barrel Length: 22 in

Total Length: 41.5 in

Weight: 5.7 lbs

USED - Sako 85 - Wood Stock - Stainless Steel - 300 Win Mag
USED - Sako 85 - Wood Stock - Stainless Steel - 300 Win Mag
Our Price: $1,700.00
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(USED) This Sako 85 is a masterpiece, combining a high-grade wooden stock in a traditional European design with the superior performance and technology of the Sako 85 series. Under its traditional exterior are the new modern features of the Sako 85 action.

The .300 Winchester is extremely versatile and has been adopted by a wide range of users including hunters, target shooters, military units, and law enforcement departments. Hunters found the cartridge to be an effective all-around choice with bullet options ranging from the flatter shooting 165 grain to the harder hitting 200+ grain selections available from the factory.

Tech Specs at a Glance:

Caliber: 300 Win Mag
Trigger: Factory
Stock: Wood
Barrel Length: 24"
Total Length: x
Weight: 8-9 lbs