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Elite Tactical

Developed shoulder-to-shoulder with experts in the military, law enforcement and competitive shooting communities, the Elite Tactical lineup is made to master the most demanding challenges on the planet, mission after mission, match after match. Elite Tactical products are a combination of professional grade optics, rugged designs and advanced reticle options for cutting edge innovation in every tactical shooting application. Nowhere is the dedication to the Laws of Performance greater. Elite Tactical: when the only acceptable outcome is success.

Bushnell Elite Tactical : (DMR / HDMR / DMR II / HDMR II / XRS / ERS) Long-range shooters demand accuracy, precision and repeatability when engaging distant targets.Designed for serious long-range and precision shooters, the Bushnell Elite Tactical Riflescopes deliver all of that in a powerful, durable package. Reticle that provide precision holdovers at any range and also allows shooters to more quickly engage moving targets in any light. The features on theses scopes add up to more time looking through your scope and less time adjusting it.

Bushnell Elite Tactical Hunting : ( LRHS) The LRHS family of long range hunting scopes are based on proven designs developed in Bushnells acclaimed Elite Tactical scope line, the LRHS are not just tactical or target scopes dressed up for the field. They are purpose built optics specially designed with input from the experts to meet the needs of hunters who require optimum performance at extreme ranges

Bushnell Elite Tactical Short Range : (SMRS) The decision to run a red dot or a riflescope on your AR just got easier. Red Dot performance at low magnification; ranging reticle capability at high magnification. Close-quarters precision with outstanding mid-range capability. With true 1x magnification. These scopes deliver instant target acquisition. A superb choice in either the tactical environment or 3-gun competition.

Bushnell Elite Tactical Long Range : (LRS / LRTS) Low light and long distances present unique challenges to the precision shooter. The Bushnell Elite Tactical Long Range riflescopes cut through tough conditions, allowing shooters to make precision shots at any range and engage moving targets in any light.