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Gunwerks - Skuhl - 375 Ruger & Kahles 318i MOAK - 21" - Carbon ClymR with Flax Fiber Fusion Inlay
Gunwerks - Skuhl - 375 Ruger & Kahles 318i MOAK - 21" - Carbon ClymR with Flax Fiber Fusion Inlay
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Price: $18,499.00
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Special Instructions: Valid PAL required
Firearm Classification: Non-Restricted

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Description Technical Info

Gunwerks the Skuhl in 375 RugerLimited Edition

- GLR Stainless Steel Push Feed

- ClymR Carbon Fiber with Flax Fiber Inlay 13.75" LoP

- 21" G3 Stainless Steel, 5/8x24" Threaded

- Gunwerks Radial Muzzle Break

- Gunwerks Unity 20 MOA rings w/ Anti-Cant Level

- Trigger Tech Trigger @ 2.5lbs

- Gunwerks Hinged Floorplate

- Gunwerks Custom Case
Kahles K318i 3-18x50mm- Kahles MOAK illuminated reticle

- Gunwerks Unity Anti-Cant Level

- Laser Engraved Ballistic Turret - 281gr PLF
Total before taxes and shipping $18,499.00


The flax fiber incorporated into the advanced carbon fiber layup of the SKUHL stock blends the look and feel of traditional wood stock rifles and the technological advantages of modern composites. It even wears like your PH's trusty ol' double rifle!


The ClymR stock's negative comb reduces felt recoil while allowing for higher recoil pad positioning. This positions the recoil pad more inline with the barrel, thus reducing muzzle rise. The result is a more forgiving shot with heavy recoiling rounds and quicker follow-ups.


The ClymR grip is unlike anything the firearms industry has seen. By studying the ergonomics of shooter interaction, and the rifle recoil impulse. The SKUHL grip is designed to fit nearly any hand from large to small and is finely tuned for both firm control in tense situations with large rounds and finesse when long range, precision shots are in order.


Gunwerks took their favorite carbon ClymR stock and infused some class. The SKUHL stock features the same advanced carbon fiber structure with CNC machined bedding block, and a layer of flax fiber added into the composite layup. The painstaking process yields a beautiful blend with the performance of carbon, but the look and feel of a traditional wood stock. There's simply nothing like it.


3 Carefully selected optic choices capable of shots from close to extended distances. With laser etched ballistic turrets and matched ammunition, the traditional close quarters big bore rifle becomes a 600 yard-capable precision instrument.


Traditional dangerous game rifles are notorious for heavy recoil. Gunwerks is on a mission to change that! While the SKUHL Still packs a healthy punch, the Gunwerks radial brake provides significant recoil reduction. The brake, paired with optimal stock geometry and healthy recoil pad make the SKUHL much more enjoyable to shoot. A rifle that gets more practice, is almost always employed better when it counts!


A first for Gunwerks, they've employed a laser engraved buffalo and bear skull motif as an homage to the game it's made to pursue. The action body, barrel shank, muzzle and bolt shroud all bear these designs.


A unique battle-worn Tungsten Cerakote finish rounds out the design to mimic the look of your granddad's trusty Rigby. But don't be fooled. The stainless steel composition and baked ceramic finish render this tool and work of art practically impervious to the elements.

375 Ruger - Stainless Action - 21" Stainless Barrel - ClymR Carbon Stock with Flax Inlay - 9lbs 10oz:

Dangerous game deserves a purpose-built rifle system. Gunwerks designed the SKUHL for ultimate reliability and quick target acquisition in close quarters when shots count.

Features & Design:

  • Caliber: 375 Ruger
  • Weight: 9lbs 12.4oz
  • Length: 41 3/4" @ 13.75" LOP
  • Barrel: G3 stainless steel
  • Action: GLR stainless
  • Stock: ClymR Carbon with Flax Inlays
  • Scope: Kahles K318i MOAK illuminated

Kahles K318i 3-18x50 - CCW - .25 MoA - MOAK:

The K318i is noticeable perfection packed into an ultrashort housing. To achieve highest performance standards despite short-build design it took many years of development and the latest technologies. For example, the complex lense system, the use of special glass types or the innovative etching technology, which is required to provide precise illuminated reticles in FFP according to Kahles standards. Thereby the optical system with its wide field of view and the brilliant, exceptional high contrast image sets new standards for ultrashort riflescopes.

The rugged K318i with its practical magnification range, has been developed for tactical use and long distances. It is intended to help ambitious shooters to achieve record performance. The clearly defined, precise clicks, together with the exceptional repeat accuracy provide highest precision and reliability. The Kahles exclusive arrangement of the operating elements with the parallax wheel integrated in the elevation turret, enables easy handling. All operating elements provide maximum grip and can also be used with gloves comfortably. The essential information on the turrets is clearly readable from the aiming position. And the large adjustment range provides enough reserve for each situation. Consequently, at competitions, the shooter can fully concentrate on the essentials.

The innovative, patented TWIST GUARD windage with its freely rotating end cover, reliably prevents an accidental movement of the windage. This simple solution does not only protect the windage from accidental movement, it also allows the shooter a fast and unhindered handling of the windage without cumbersome need of locking and unlocking.

The Allen key for zeroing the turrets, numbers to those little, practical details. It is housed in the cap of the illumination unit and therefore always available. Hence the illumination unit can easily be opened without any tool.

Function & Design:
  • Ultrashort and lightweight riflescope for demanding shooters
  • Precise illuminated reticles in first focal plane
  • Innovative, patented TWIST GUARD windage
  • High contrast image
  • Precise and clearly defined click mechanism
  • Exceptional repeat accuracy
  • Large adjustment range E/W (102 / 69 MoA)
  • Parallax wheel integrated in the elevation turret (patented) 25m - infinity
  • Zero Stop
  • MOAK Reticle

Gunwerks firearms come with a hard case with a custom cut, high density foam made to accommodate the build. This case is 6 inches Deep x 14.5 inches Wide x 50 inches Long (Internal Dimensions) and weighs 20 Lbs. Wheels and three handles are included for convenience and usability. This is the toughest case we have found to date!