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Fierce CT RIVAL - 280 Ackley Improved - Blackout with Leica Amplus 3-18x44
Fierce CT RIVAL - 280 Ackley Improved - Blackout with Leica Amplus 3-18x44
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Tech Specs at a Glance:

Caliber: 7mm Rem
Rate of Twist: 1 - 8.5"
Trigger: Adjustable 1-3 lbs
Stock: Carbon Fiber
Barrel Length: 24"
Total Length: 45.5

Refer to the "Technical Info" tab below for additional specifications.

Price: $6,387.00

Quantity Available:1


Description Technical Info

Precision Optics Complete Package

Fierce - CT Rival - 280 Ackley Improved$4,180.00
50211 - Leica - Amplus - 3-18x44 - L-Ballistic i BDC MoA$1,899.00
Talley - Fierce - 30mm - Medium - 20 MOA$69.00
Talley - 30 ACI - Anti-Cant Level$39.00
"Dialed-In" Range Service$200.00
Total before taxes and shipping$6,387.00

Fierce CT RIVAL - 280 Ackley Improved - Carbon Blackout Redclaw - Graphite Black Cerakote

The Fierce Rival is here. This custom designed-and-built rifle is the perfect long and short range hunting rifle for every hunter. Just like with all Fierce centerfire rifles the Rival comes with their flagship .50 MOA guarantee with recommended ammo. This is the best custom rifle at a price that is affordable and worth every penny of your hard earned dollar. The RIVAL is proudly made in the USA

Features and Design :

  • Short 70-degree titanium bolt throw - helps keep your hand clear of the scope when ejecting shells - smooth cycle and quicker follow up shots
  • Bix'n Andy's Dakota trigger - adjustable from 1-3 lbs
  • Fierce last Guard cerokote finish
  • Bolt has NC coating for glassy smooth cycle
  • Dual plunger system with mini claw extractor for positive horizontal ejection
  • Minimum CNC tolerances for precision fit and function
  • Fierce Tech C3 carbon fiber stock. Light weight and extremely strong for the most rugged conditions and shooting experiences.
  • Built in bi-pod rail in the stock.
  • Spiral fluted match grade hand lapped stainless barrel or our C3 carbon barrel.
  • Limbsaver Pad

Leica Amplus - 3-18x44 - L-Ballistic illuminated BDC - SFP - MoA - 50211:

For all practically minded hunters, the Leica Amplus 6 riflescope series is the attractive entry into the premium class. The well-balanced, high-quality optics feature an extremely crisp illuminated dot, 6x zoom, a large exit pupil and a wide field of view. The rugged design makes the Leica Amplus 6 ideal for uncompromising use in any terrain, even in the most adverse weather conditions. The high-quality feel of the functional elements ensures secure and flexible handling at the decisive moment..

The extra-fine illuminated reticles ensure low target coverage and a particularly sharp and brilliant illuminated dot, without annoying glare. This way, hunters always have a clear overview in difficult light conditions.

The Amplus 6 combines the proven Leica DNA in a universal riflescope with 6x zoom for tough everyday hunting. Color-neutral images with brilliant color correction, effective stray-light suppression, state-of-the-art coating technology, along with a shock-resistant aluminum housing and an unrivaled surface finish.

The Leica Amplus 6 3-18x44i features an extremely rugged design and intuitive control elements. High-quality optics make it the ideal, reliable companion for many hunt types. Its light weight and short, compact design are a distinct advantage when stalking. This models extremely high magnification and precision also make it the perfect fit for alpine hunts, where shooting distances can vary greatly. Low mounting lends it a harmonious look on any hunting rifle.

With its objective lens diameter and high imaging performance, the twilight-ready riflescope is also a reliable companion when shooting from blinds in the morning or evening. In addition, a large exit pupil, an optimized, fine illuminated dot, as well as generous eye relief ensure comfortable viewing in any hunting situation. The Amplus 6 3-18x44i reticle is adjusted in MOA.


  • Flexible 6x magnification factor
  • Extremely crisp illuminated dot and fine hold over reticle in the second focal plane
  • MoA adjustment turret. 79 MOA of internal travel. Zero stop.
  • Large exit pupil and generous eye relief ensure comfortable viewing

280 Remington Ackley Improved

One of P.O. Ackley's earliest wildcats was the 7mm-06 Improved, which was made by necking down the .30-06 Springfield case and fire-forming it to have less body taper and a 40-degree shoulder angle. Soon after the .280 Remington came out, Fred Huntington reformed its case to an improved configuration with minimum body taper, a 35-degree shoulder angle, and called it the .280 RCBS. Since cases for the .280 RCBS could be formed by firing .280 Remington ammo in a rifle chambered for the former, Ackley abandoned the 7mm-06 Improved and started chambering rifles for the .280 RCBS. He then changed the 35-degree shoulder to 40-degrees and the .280 Ackley Improved was born. If barrel length and chamber pressure are equal, the .280 Ackley Improved is about 100 fps faster with all bullet weights than the standard .280 Remington. In 2007, ammunition manufacturer Nosler registered the .280 Ackley Improved with SAAMI and began providing factory loaded ammunition and rifles for it

Suggested Use

  • Deer
  • Black Bear
  • Sheep / Goat
  • Moose
  • Elk