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Desert Tech - SRS-M2 - Chassis Only - Right Hand - BLK/BLK - Monopod Included
Desert Tech - SRS-M2 - Chassis Only - Right Hand - BLK/BLK - Monopod Included
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Tech Specs at a Glance:

Caliber: None (Conversion Kit Required)
Stock: SRS-M2 FDE/Black
Weight: - lbs - Kg

Price: $5,799.00
Firearm Classification: Valid P.A.L required to purchase

Quantity Available:1


Desert Tech - SRS-M2 - Chassis Only - Right Hand - BLK/BLK - Monopod Included:

The SRS-A2 is 36 percent more accurate in testing than the SRS-A1 because of its NEW patented barrel mount that more uniformly clamps onto the barrel and reduces peak stress points by 30 percent. All SRS-A2 rifles and conversion kits are guaranteed to shoot 1/2 MOA or better for 3-shots at 100 yards with qualified match ammunition.

The M2 features all the same basic features as the SRS A2, but it also has a monolithic one-piece optics mounting rail with 30MOA cant built in. This allows for additional optics mounting solutions like night vision and thermal clipons. The M2 also features an AREA 419 ARCA Lock rail along the bottom of the handguard, this allows for a host of shooting accessories to aid in getting the best shooting position.

Features & Design

  • Full length 30 MoA Rail
  • Area 419 ARCA lock rail
  • Integrated Monopod included
  • More Accurate than the SRS-A1
  • Field Match Trigger 1.5 - 7lbs
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Perfect balance and control
  • Adaptable multi caliber system
  • Adjustable length of pull and cheek height

Increased Accuracy
The complete DT system provides better than 1/2 MOA accuracy and makes first round hits on target to 1500 yards and beyond possible. All of Desert Techs muzzle devices enhance accuracy by quickly stripping gasses away from the exiting projectile which prevents bullet yaw and creates symmetrical gas dispersion to minimize barrel whip.

Field Match Trigger
The SRS-M2 has a new 1.5-7 lbs adjustable trigger that reduces complexity, ensuring rugged field durability, with less creep, more crisp break, and a short reset. The trigger also has a flat contour for better ergonomic feel

Compact and Lightweight
The SRS-M2 has a base rifle length of length of just 33 inch and a base rifle weight of just 8.9 lbs. The .338 LM SRS-A2 is 11 inches shorter than the .338LM Barrett MRAD and 5.5 lbs lighter than the Barrett MRAD .33LM.

Perfect Balance and Control
The SRS-M2s center of balance is just in front of the trigger guard allowing unrivaled control and balance in all shooting positions and while maneuvering the rifle through the field. DT have also incorporated an integral tripod mount at the rifles center of balance for easy tripod attachment and optimally balanced tripod use.

Adaptable Multi Caliber
The SRS-M2 can quickly be converted between .308 Win, 6.5CM, .300 Win Mag, .338 LM, and many other aftermarket options. This allows operators the ability to tailor the SRS-A2 to their specific needs whether it is hunting, competitions, or recreational shooting. Conversions can be done in the field with a 5mm hex wrench by swapping the barrel, bolt, and magazine.

Unrivaled Ergonomics
The unrivaled balance and ergonomics of the new SRS-M2 put it light years ahead of everything else when firing from unsupported or non-prone positions. The controls are comfortable and intuitively located and smoother than ever before to keep you in firing position. All skin contact points are ergonomically contoured and thermally insulated to protect users. The soft buttpad tames heavy recoil.

Make it yours
The SRS-M2 was designed to be compatible with all of your favorite accessories. The New SRS-A2 handguard has M-Lok mounting points every 45 degrees and it can now be swapped with the SRS-A2 covert handguard. SRS-A2 barrels use standard barrel thread pitches allowing users to mount their favorite muzzle devices. The integral picitanny rail and handguard attachments make the SRS-M2 day and night capable.