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Thermal imaging has numerous advantages over classic night vision devices. The first and the main difference that underlies all benefits of thermal is its basic principle of operation. The detector can perceive even the slightest differences in temperature of various objects. The signal from detector is processed in electronic modules of thermal imaging camera and transferred to the screen. Temperature difference between the object and the background can often count up to a few dozen degrees and because of that on the screen the object is greatly distinguished from the background. Night vision devices based on image tube intensifiers are dependent on remaining light and this fact limits their use to sceneries with at least a small amount of remaining light present. In other words if there are no light sources, night vision devices cannot produce a decent image. In these conditions a night vision scope requires additional sources of light and this role is performed by an auxiliary IR illuminator. The illuminator lights up the scene, the light gets reflected from the objects and gathered by the optics of night vision device. Another significant advantage of thermal cameras over night vision devices based on image tube intensifiers is their ability to see through smoke, fog, haze, or any other unfavorable weather conditions. Night vision scopes are not able to see through fog or smoke.
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Pulsar Apex XD75 3-6x52 Thermal Riflescope - PL76475
Pulsar Apex XD75 3-6x52 Thermal Riflescope - PL76475
List Price: $8,999.99
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Boasting a crisp OLED display and 50 hz frame rate, the Pulsar Apex 3-6x52 XD75 Thermal Riflescope delivers flawless target recognition of fast-moving objects up to 1,600 yards. Its thermal core resolution of 384x288 captures maximum thermal energy efficiently for a more detailed white hot and black hot image. Long-distance viewing is made possible by the continuous digital zoom for an extended range of magnification.

Tech Specs at a Glance:

Magnification range: 3 to 6x

Field of view: 12.8m @100m

Objective diameter: 52mm

Eye relief: 67mm

Reticle : 11 variable options
Range of detection : 1750 yds

Parallax adjustment: yes

Turret adjustment increments: 30mm@100m / click

Max elevation / windage: 6000 / 6000

Weight: 27.2 oz / 770 g

Length: 15 in / 381 mm

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