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Sig Sauer Rangefinder Kilo 5K - 7x25 - SOK5K705
Sig Sauer Rangefinder Kilo 5K - 7x25 - SOK5K705
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Tech Specs at a Glance:

Magnification range: 7x

Field of view: 6.78 degrees

Eye relief: 15 mm

Battery Type: 1- CR2

Range: 1 - 5000 yds

Divergence: 1.3 MRAD

Weight: 7.5oz

Dimensions: 3 x 4.2 x 1.3 inches

Price: $879.00

Quantity Available:(Out of Stock)


Description Additional Details Technical Info
Sig Sauer Rangefinder Kilo 5K - 7x25 - SOK5K705:
The new KILO5K 7x25 mm laser rangefinder monocular has a maximum reflective range of 5,000 yards and includes Applied Ballistics Ultralite onboard along with environmental sensors and supports BDX External (BDX-X) for connecting to external devices such as Kestrel and Garmin devices.

The Gen II LightWave DSP engine features new target modes: Extended Range (XR) and Fog mode along with First, Best and Last target. The rangefinder incorporates a segmented OLED display which provides range to target, elevation holdover and wind holds.

All new KILO rangefinders connect with the BaseMap app to provide remote waypoints on ranged targets and can be fully configured with the SIG SAUER BDX App.

All KILO K Series rangefinders leverage Low Energy / Long Range Bluetooth 5.x for multipoint Bluetooth connections and improved connectivity to BDX enabled riflescopes and sights.

The KILO5K ships with a black/grey carry pouch and lanyard.

  • Gen II Lightwave DSP Ranging Engine With Extended Range (XR) Mode
  • Onboard Environmental Sensors for Real-time Ballistic Calculations
  • Drop Remote Waypoints With Basemap App
  • Applied Ballistics Ultralite With Complete AB Bullet Database (For more info check the Additional details tab above)
  • Up to 25 Custom Bullet Profiles and 8 Onboard Ballistic Group
  • BDX 2.0 Enabled With Low Energy, Long Range Bluetooth



Lens Armor
Abrasion-resistant lens coatings for extreme durability ensure the lenses on your scope will stay sharp, bright, and clear.

LightWave DSP™

Light Wave DSP
Lightwave DSP (Digital Signal Processing) engine leverages HyperScan, an advanced power management technique that provides the fastest refresh rate in scan mode


The most advanced display on the market. SIGs OLED display has the largest dynamic range providing for high brightness in bright sunlight or snow conditions, yet will dim down to near nightvision levels at dusk and dawn.


Spectra Coat
Highly efficient, ultra-wide broadband, anti-reflection lens coatings reduce surface reflections to extremely low levels across the entire visible spectrum providing superior light transmission.

Stealth ID™

Stealth ID
Electro-Optics industrial design inspired by our legendary firearms; deflection armor trapezoidal surfacing breaks up the shape and visibility of the optic along with pistol slide serrations and grip checkering to add function to the form of all SIG SAUER electro-optics.

Ballistic Data Exchange 2.0

Ballistic Data Exchange 2.0
Ballistic Data Exchange is a rangefinder and riflescope system that uses your ballistics, environmental conditions and Bluetooth to illuminate the exact holdover dot


Ranging technology uses an on-board inclinometer that reads incline/decline angle and modifies the effective ballistic shooting range to the target. AMR is the equivalent horizontal range and integrates perfectly when used in combination with SIG Ballistic Turret Dials.