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Reflecting Passion for Nature

Leicas engineers maintain close contact with binocular users around the world, so that they can meet consumers needs. Based on their experience and their enthusiasm, they develop innovative products that surpass users expectations. The incorporation of the finest materials as well as absolute precision in the manufacturing process are essential for the whole product portfolio. With excellent detail resolution and precise, durable mechanisms, Leica binoculars are reliable companions on every discovery tour

Leica Ultravid Binoculars : Excellent Image Brightness, Unique Contrasts and Mechanical Performance. The Leica Ultravid series is a precise combination of state-of-the-art technology, new coating processes, innovative glass materials and the greatest optical know-how

Leica Noctivid Binoculars : More than a century of experience in the development of long-range viewing instruments, microscopes and cameras has led to a new family of Leica premium binoculars. The Noctivid binoculars. They feature compact dimensions as well as stylish and elegant design and are at the same time incredibly robust and resilient..

Leica Silverline Binoculars : Timeless elegance meets the finest mechanics and optics. The Leica Ultravid Silverline boasts elegant design in combination with superior engineering

Leica Monovid Monoculars : With a weight of only 112 g the Monovid, enrobed in a case of elegant black, red or aluminium, slips effortlessly into your pocket. Featuring an outstanding lens with spectacular resolution, the Monovid delivers optimal images every time

Leica Duovid Binoculars : The only binoculars with two magnification factors. Leica Duovids allow observers to adapt swiftly to any situation. They offer a choice of two magnification factors, a unique advantage offered by no other premium binoculars

Leica Trinovid Binoculars : The binoculars of the Leica Trinovid family are designed around durability, state-of-the-art image performance and ruggedness. Constant development has resulted in a new generation of Leica Trinovid-HD models, and like their predecessors they offer outstanding colour fidelity, image sharpness, compact form and low weight