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Primos Hunting - Buck Roar 2 Grunt Call - PS752CN
Primos Hunting - Buck Roar 2 Grunt Call - PS752CN
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Primos Hunting - Buck Roar 2 Grunt Call - PS752CN:

With crisp and sharp grunts and the most effortless and accurate wheeze, the Buck Roar II will become all deer hunters' favorite go to call. Improving on the legendary Buck Roar, we re-positioned the barrel, reed, and enhancer fit and air flow to easily allow for sharp and responsive grunts. By inserting a baffle in the wheeze and trumpeting the exit, the exact wheeze sound of a challenging buck is easily duplicated. The rotating wrist strap will ensure the call is at a ready to use position, whether at full draw or calling to a buck in the distance. It's loaded with all the features you need in one call to bring that trophy buck in close.

Features & Design:
  • Sharp and Responsive Grunts
  • Duplicates the challenge wheeze of a mature buck
  • Rotating wrist strap to keep the call ready, in any position