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Gunwerks Verdict - 300 Norma & Revic PMR 4.5-28x56 - Long Range Package
Gunwerks Verdict - 300 Norma & Revic PMR 4.5-28x56 - Long Range Package
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Build List
Metal Finish: Graphite
Caliber: 300 Norma
Barrel: Carbon Wrap
Muzzle Brake: Directional
Hand: Right
Action: Stainless Steel
Magazine: Tactical Box Mag
Stock: C05 Tan Black
Scope: Revic PMR
4.5-28x56 MOA RT1
Mount: Pic Rail with Gunwerks Rings

Our Price: $14,999.00
Special Instructions: Estimated shipping of 8-12 Weeks.
Firearm Classification: Valid P.A.L required to purchase

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Description Technical Info

300 Norma - Stainless Action - Carbon Barrel - Graphite Finish - C05 Tan Stock

Gunwerks named this rifle stock after the popular Gunwerks ELR Verdict rifle model. That rifle has served as a platform for heavy Extended Long Range builds (usually 338 Lapua or 300 Norma builds) that weigh 14 lbs and up. Big recoil and heavy barrels requires the right platform to support it. With the emergence of the Precision Rifle Competition, Gunwerks tailored the Verdict stock platform to incorporate the features necessary for competing and winning!

Unlike most current competitive products, this fully configurable rifle stock system is based on Gunwerks proprietary Carbon Fiber composite layup with optional M-LOK accessory rails. The inlet can be precisely machined to match any barrel and action combination. This means it can be configured as a lightweight ELR hunting rig, or a tricked out competition chassis replacement. With full adjustability.

Features & Design

  • Ultra Light Carbon Fiber Composite
  • Full Length M-LOK Rail Under Forearm & Side Accessory Rails
  • Optional: Integrated Arca-Swiss Compatible Accessory Rail
  • Removable Barricade Stop
  • Fully Adjustable Gunwerks Recoil Pad
  • Spacer System for LOP Adjustments
  • Integrated Flush Cup QD Sling Mounts
  • Patent Pending Adjustable Cheekpiece
  • Interchangeable Pistol Grip
  • Aluminum Bedding Block
  • Configurable CNC Inletting
  • Min. Stock Weight: 3.9 lbs. - Max Stock Weight: 4.45 lbs.

Gunwerks firearms come with a hard case with a custom cut, high density foam made to accomodate the build. This case is 6inches Deep x 14.5 inches Wide x 50 inches Long (Internal Dimensions) and weighs 20 Lbs. Wheels and three handles are included for convenience and usability. This is the toughest case we have found to date, in fact, it is warrantied for life!

Revic PMR 428 Smart Riflescope 4.5-28x56 - MOA - RT1 :

Distance adds variables. When you are shooting at a target a long distances, obtaining a targeting solution becomes extremely complex. The best way to ensure a satisfying hit is to simplify the process, and that is exactly what the PMR 428 does. It is a whole new way of looking at long-range shooting. When you dial the turret, it calculates the bullet trajectory utilizing a full suite of sensors and an advanced ballistic algorithm, and it calculates the solution in real time. Just dial the elevation turret until the display shows the target range. It is as simple as that

300 Norma

The .300 Norma Magnum is a cartridge that has begun to gain popularity in the long range shooting community. The .300 Norma Magnum is a .338 Norma Magnum case necked down to .308 caliber. This cartridge was named .300 Norma Magnum to differentiate it from the .308 Norma Magnum designed in 1960. The United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) has selected .300 Norma Magnum as their new Advanced Sniper Rifle Cartridge as of 2016.


The 300 Norma Mag fires a 220gr .308 bullet at just over 3,000 fps. With 4,400 ft/lbs of energy.

The 300 Norma Mag shooting the 230gr Berger Hybrid bullet (this bullet has a 0.743 Ballistic Coefficient) and loaded up to 3,000 fps, will stay supersonic out to 1,500 meters. This is as far as a much heavier 300gr SMK shot out of a 338 Lapua can make it before it goes subsonic. Even though the 300 Norma will only have 80 percent of the energy of the 338 Lapua at that distance with those bullets, it can still make it there accurately with considerably less recoil. Another benefit to the 300 Norma Mag, the overall length is shorter than the 338 Lapua Mag. It is effectively the same length as the 300 Win Mag.