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Fierce Edge - 28 Nosler & Zeiss Conquest V4 6-24x50
Fierce Edge - 28 Nosler & Zeiss Conquest V4 6-24x50
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Price: $5,416.00
Special Instructions: Valid PAL required
Firearm Classification: Non-Restricted

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Precision Optics Dialed in and Deadly Packages

Fierce Edge - 28 Nosler - Green Black Web - Black Cerakote $3,699.00
Zeiss Conquest V4 6-24x50mm SFP - Ballistic Turret $1,499.00
Talley Fierce 30mm Medium 20 MoA Ring $79.00
Talley 30mm ACI Level $39.00
"Dialed-In" Range Service - 50% off! $100.00

Total before taxes and shipping $5,416.00

ckage Overview:

This Firearm has been Zeroed at 200 YardsThis Firearm has been Zeroed at 200 Yards

Fierce EDGE - 28 Nosler - Green Black Web - Black Cerakote

The Fierce Edge rifle is the ultimate long range rifle that delivers .50 MOA accuracy out of the box. Fierce not only guarantees it; they certify it with a range tested target. The target not only proves the three shot group under a half inch at 100 yards but also provides the load data to achieve that accuracy. There is no other rifle on the market the gives you this custom rifle service and high performing quality product for this price. The Edge rifle came about from over 40 years of gunsmith and machining experience combined with the best design features and high-tech materials available. Their three lug Triad action is wire EDM cut for the tightest tolerances available. The one-piece bolt is machined on Fierces nine-axis CNC machine.

Technical System:

  • Three lug, Triad action has a short 70-degree bolt throw
  • The action bolt raceways are wire EDM cut for accuracy
  • Scope base screw holes in the action are for 8-40 screws
  • Fierces stainless steel, fluted match-grade barrels are hand-lapped for ultimate accuracy
  • All barrels come with a threaded cap and an optional titanium muzzle break can be added
  • The adjustable match-grade, custom trigger is set at 2.75 lbs

Features & Design

  • Hand laid-up carbon fiber/fiberglass stock is not only lightweight but extremely strong
  • Each bolt is coated with a DLC (diamond like coating) that simply will not wear off with bolt wear
  • three-position safety allows you to work the bolt while the rifle remains on safety
  • Certified 3-shot half inch groups at 100 yards with appropriate ammo

Zeiss Conquest V4 4-16x44 - ZMoA T30 - Ballistic Turret :

The Conquest V4 riflescopes are for hunters and shooters whose lifestyle and adventures involve traditional and long-range hunting, as well as shooting and long-range shooting.

These riflescopes were designed as a lightweight, high-performance product line for various demanding hunting and shooting applications. They are by any standard best-in-class.

The balance between its wide field of view and magnification range make this compact riflescope ideal for all types of hunting and shooting. Offers mid- to long-range versatility.

Function & Design

  • 4x zoom. Flexibility in any situation
  • 44mm objective lens diameter
  • Large elevation and windage adjustment range
  • Ballistic Turret
  • Multi-turn elevation turret with Ballistic Stop (absolute and positive return to zero)
  • ZMoA T30 Ballistic reticle.
  • Side parallax adjustment
  • Reticle hash marks represent two MOA spacing
  • The reticle is in the 2nd image plane in each riflescope