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CONSIGNMENT - Fierce CT EDGE - 28 Nosler - Blackout Stock - Black Cerakote - Leupold VX-6HD 3-18x44 CDS-ZL2 TMOA
CONSIGNMENT - Fierce CT EDGE - 28 Nosler - Blackout Stock - Black Cerakote - Leupold VX-6HD 3-18x44 CDS-ZL2 TMOA
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Tech Specs at a Glance:

Caliber: 28 Nosler

Trigger: Adjustable 2-4 lbs

Stock: Carbon Fiber

Barrel Length: 26"

Total Length: 47.5"

Weight: 6.1 lbs

Refer to the "Technical Info" tab below for additional specifications.

Price: $8,446.51
Sale Price: $6,699.00

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Description Technical Info
CONSIGNMENT: Fierce CT EDGE - 28 Nosler - Blackout Stock - Black Cerakote - Leupold VX-6HD 3-18x44 CDS-ZL2 TMOA:

The CT Edge is the ultimate lightweight, accurate, long-range rifle. This rifles utilizes aerospace components to deliver the premium Fierce advantage. This rifle comes with a carbon barrel and titanium action. This combination gives you a rifle that weighs less than 6 lbs. and still delivers bull barrel, tack-driving accuracy! The CT Edge brings you premium performance at a considerably lower price than Fierces competitors. The new CT Edge is true a game changer in the shooting and hunting sport. You no longer have to overpay for accuracy. The Edge comes with a 1/2-inch group guarantee at 100 yards and a validation target is included with every rifle. Another impressive feature of the Edge is the weight, coming in under six pounds. Fierce offers you a high caliber, long-range performance rifle at half the price of most custom rifles.

Fierce - CT Edge - 28 Nosler - Blackout Stock - Black Cerakote$5,399.00
171568 - Leupold - VX-6HD - 3-18x44 - CDS-ZL2 - TMOA$2,988.51
Talley - Lightweight - 30mm - Medium - 20 MOA$69.00
Total before taxes and shipping$8,446.51

Receiver Condition: A - No marks on receiver.
Barrell Condi
tion: A- - 120 factory rounds.
Stock Condition: A+ - Brand new stock.
Condition: A - No marks on scope. Optical surfaces unmarked.
Reason for selling: - Bought a Gunwerks.

Technical System:

  • Three lug, Triad action has a short 70-degree bolt throw
  • The action bolt raceways are wire EDM cut for accuracy
  • Scope base screw holes in the action are for 8-40 screws
  • carbon fiber in a multi-directional pattern to give both strength and stiffness to the barrel
  • All barrels come with a threaded cap and an optional titanium muzzle break can be added
  • The adjustable match-grade, custom trigger is set at 2.75 lbs

Features & Design:

  • Hand laid-up carbon fiber/fiberglass stock is not only lightweight but extremely strong
  • Fierces new LastGuard coating is applied to both the action and stainless barrel for a weatherproof finish
  • three-position safety allows you to work the bolt while the rifle remains on safety
  • Certified 3-shot half inch groups at 100 yards with appropriate ammo
  • Additional stock patterns available

28 Nosler

The 28 Nosler is a 7mm (.284) caliber, rebated-rim centerfire rifle cartridge designed by Nosler. Introduced in 2015 and approved by SAAMI on January 19, 2015. The 28 Nosler is based on the 26 Nosler which was released in 2014. The 28 Nosler shares the same overall cartridge length (3.340) as the 26 Nosler which allows it to be chambered in standard-length action. This feature helps weight-conscious sportsmen to lighten their load before venturing into the backcountry. The cases overall length also aid in quick follow-up shots, since the bolt throw is shorter than on a magnum action.

The name 28 Nosler refers to the first two digits in the caliber (0.284) of the bullets that the cartridge fires and the name of the company which created it.

The 28 Nosler cartridge case can be formed by necking-up or expanding the neck of a 26 Nosler case to 7mm (.284) diameter. The cartridge case for both the 26 and 28 Nosler is based on the 404 Jeffrey case

Suggested Use

  • Deer (long range)
  • Black Bear (long range)
  • Sheep / Goat (long range)
  • Moose
  • Elk


The 175-grain 28 Nosler has a muzzle velocity of 3,125 fps. The 160-grain cartridge boasts an muzzle velocity of 3,300 fps.

To give some context, at 160-grains the 28 Nosler is around 300 fps faster at the muzzle than one of the most popular round in the caliber the 7mm Remington Magnum