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Blaser R8 Carbon Success - Complete Rifle
Blaser R8 Carbon Success - Complete Rifle
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Blaser R8 Carbon Success - Complete Rifle
Carbon fiber, best known from the racing sports, offers an astoundingly high strength at an extremely low weight. It only stands to reason that this material should be used for what is currently the best thumbhole stock on the market. The joining of carbon fiber with robust and luxurious leather inserts in the pistol grip, fore-end and butt stock results in a never-before-seen combination, one that reflects the best of both worlds in a unique as well as highly accurate hunting rifle. The unique design of the R8 magazine above the trigger allows the overall length of the R8 to be significantly shorter than any conventional bolt action rifle.

Features & Design

  • Blasers interchangeable barrel system.
  • Reticle illumination control integrated into the action for ease of use
  • Weather-proof leather grip inlays on the fore-end, pistol grip and comb
  • Stainless steel brace in the buttstock
  • Professional Success Thumbhole stock
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Hunting is a diverse sport, so are the demands hunters place on their rifles. To say the R8 is just a bolt action rifle is the understatement of the century. More than just a rifle it is a platform that allows you the flexibility to interchange calibers while providing ergonomic perfection in stock design and unequaled trigger performance.

Quick take down - easily cleaned
Even when in the bush, the R8 can be taken down and reassembled within a few seconds. Snow, dirt, leaves or needles are easily removed

Desmodromic trigger mechanism
Maximum reliability - even when iced or heavily soiled. The trigger system of the R8 is force-controlled. Cycling the receiver automatically resets the trigger

Excellently protected
The closed construction of the R8 receiver prevents damage caused by foreign objects. When the magazine is stored outside the rifle, a protective cover keeps the dirt out. All metal parts are either made of rustproof material or protected against corrosion with a specific finish. The inside of the barrel and chamber are polished and only need conventional care.

Double loading option
The R8 can be loaded and unloaded in two ways: with the magazine taken out or left inside the rifle. With an open bolt, cartridges can be inserted or removed from the top of the magazine very quickly and easily