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Beretta A400 Ultralite - 12 gauge - 28 inch
Beretta A400 Ultralite - 12 gauge - 28 inch

Tech Specs at a Glance:

Gauge: 12 Gauge

Choke: OCHP

Chamber: 7.6 mm / 3in

Barrel Length cm/in: 71.2 cm / 28 in

Rib: 6x6

Weight: 5.9 lbs

Refer to the "Technical Info" tab below for additional specifications.

Price: $2,249.00
Sale Price: $2,049.00

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Description Technical Info

Beretta A400 Ultralite - 12 gauge - 28 inch:

Much more than light, Ultralite. The 3 inch semiautomatic shotgun with full-length carbon-fiber top rib and carbon-fiber pistol grip cap, bringing weight down to 2,7 Kg without shortening the magazine capacity. Black anodized aluminum-alloy receiver with technological laser engraving and super-lightweight woods. Simply amazing.

Made of the lightest materials available, this carbon-fiber rib allows to reduce the weight of the barrel up to 100g (24 inch/61cm barrel) without affecting the ballistic performance and confirming once again the supremacy of Steelium, the world’s best barrel.

The wood used for the A400 Ultralites stock and forend is carefully selected, to allow an additional weight reduction up to 120 grams overall, thanks also to the special internal shape of the stock and to the carbon-fiber pistol grip cap.

While being the lightest 12 gauge semiautomatic shotgun around, the A400 Ultralite does not make its lightness come alone. This amazing shotgun packs lightness with control to ensure the most comfortable shooting experience.

B-link gas operating system: shoots everything, every time and with low recoil.

When it comes to operating systems, two things made the Beretta gas-operated shotguns glorious: reliability and low recoil. You cannot find anything performing better than B-link, especially when the weight of the shotgun goes below 3 Kg.

Features & Design

  • Blink technology allows the shotgun to fire up to four shots in less than one second
  • One of the revolutionary aspects of the A400 line is its recoil reduction system
  • Optima-Bore HP choke geometry was conceived to offer the best ballistic performance available, with steel or lead shot
  • Steelium is a patented tri-alloy steel specifically developed by Beretta for shotgun barrels

12 Gauge Shotgun

The 12 gauge is by far the most versatile and handles a huge range of loads. This is the standard and the most versatile gauge of all. The 12 gauge shoots everything from nearly recoilless 3/4-ounce practice loads to 2 1/4-ounce turkey stompers. Ammunition is available everywhere, and the volume of 12 gauge sales keeps prices low. If you own only one gun, it should be a 12 gauge.

Example load types

  • Bird Shot : Birdshot is the smallest type of shotgun pellets. It is typically used by hunters who want to shoot birds or other flying wildlife. Inside a birdshot shell are small steel or lead spheres that scatter outward once it is fired from the shotgun. The more metal spheres, or pellets, that get packed into a shell the more the pellets will scatter around the target area. The reason why this type of ammunition works best for shooting birds is because it is easier to hit them with it.

  • Buckshot : Buckshot is shotgun ammunition that uses large metal pellets in the shotgun shells. When the buckshot is fired from the shotgun the pellets scatter outward just like the birdshot. The only difference is the buckshot does more damage than the birdshot because it uses larger pellets. The bigger the pellets, the more impact it will have on the target.

  • Slug : A slug is actually a word that describes a shotgun bullet. Most people use the term shot when describing the ammunition of a shotgun, but slugs are also another type of shotgun ammunition. The difference between birdshot and slugs is the slugs have a one solid lead or steel projectile that gets shot out. This makes them the most powerful and damaging ammunition you can use with your shotgun. There are actually many slug variations on the market


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